Just about everybody and every business with something to say, something to sell
or something to show, should be using graphic design.

That's where we come in, J&S will conceptualise, create and correctly implement your design.
Our services are tailored to your needs, to suit all stylistic preferences.


J&S was formed when two inspired designers with a passion for the creative arts decided they should combine efforts and offer their unique perspective and original ideas, as an all inclusive service to those who want to make a statement with their design.

Both with marketing and advertising experience under their belts, these designers aim to provide not only world class Graphic Design, but also a strategy and implementation of that design to ensure their clientele get the best possible results. J&S are determined to assist clients to achieve their dreams, whether that dream be a new business venture and the conceptualisation and creation of a new brand and logo. Perhaps it’s a kick-start and a boost to an existing business with a revamp of the existing brand. Maybe it’s pulling off the perfect event, complete with invitations, announcements or awards. It could be a creative demonstration, an exhibition or a live performance. Or it could just be for you, a beautiful addition to your home or office.

Our dream, is to help you create yours! 


Custom Artwork

J&S specialise in creating custom artisan designs with a handcrafted feel. If you’re looking for a beautiful addition to your business decor, a great gift, or a personal piece for your home or office, we will conceptualise, customise and create your unique design.

Logos & Branding

Custom Logos and inclusive Branding, encompassing of whatever your different products and services being offered may be, a huge advantage in generating awareness of your business and it's offerings in the marketplace

Print Design

Create beautiful printed products of all shapes and sizes for your business or personal project. From cards, flyers and magazines to merchandise such as stickers/labels, coolers and cases as well as a range of apparel, J&S can do it all.

Signage Design

Transport your brand and make a big impact on a larger scale with signage. This is a statement sure to catch the eye of your audience, and soon your business could benefit from having beautiful shop-front signs, banners, car decals and more.

Online Marketing

Reach out and engage with an untapped audience, clientele and consumer base by correctly utilising Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Tumblr and many more social media platforms that are available to your business.

Website Development

The heart of any business's online presence is a website. A beautiful place to direct public interest and queries regarding your products and services. All businesses should have a website, whether it is a simple single page information site or a large scale ecommerce endeavour.

Management | Promotions | Public Relations | Bookings
Online Marketing | Artwork | Website Development
and any other Management or Promotional needs

Loaded with experience, know how and determination, J&S management and promotions aim to provide clients ease of access to services such as, band and tour management, venue booking, PR, distribution, marketing in online and offline mediums and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a friendly professional tailoring these services to you.


Environmental Mission Statement

At J&S we care deeply for the environment, and work hard to minimise our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

This includes;
Powering our studio though sustainable energy providers.
We are a low paper consumption company as we aim to communicate in house using minimal printed materials,
as well as utilising double sided printing where possible and using recycled/sustainable stationary.
Using only fair trade teas and coffees.
Recycling all packaging and scrap papers correctly.
Recycling all printing cartridges
Recycling all technology used by J&S , computers, laptops, hard drives, disks, phones, batteries.
Offering sustainable and recycled products to clients.
We use non-hazardous and eco-friendly cleaning products in our studio.

Ethical Practice

J&S is an ethical practice company, we do not conduct ourselves without meeting ethical standards; Business ethics (also corporate ethics) is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations. We are not and will never be affiliated with individuals and companies not following these same practices.


If you select "other" please specify in your Project Description.
Please give us a clear description of your project. Consider what product service the design is for, who your target audience is and who your competitors are. Describe how you would like the design to look, any design styles you like, your favourite colours for the project and anything else you would like us to take into consideration in regard to your design.
What is the ideal budget for your project?
When do you need your completed design(s) by?


What sets J&S apart?
J&S offer a unique and youthful design perspective, making our fresh and modern take on graphic design sure to catch the eye of your audience. Combine that with our all inclusive marketing and advertising services, from print orders to social media. We provide our clients with all the design and marketing solutions they need ensuring a cohesive relationship between design style and advertising.
How long will the design process take?
The timeframe of the design process is impacted by several factors;
  • Has a concept already been developed, is it useable?
    If yes then the conceptualisation period may be significantly shortened, if not this phase can take anywhere from 2+ weeks in order to create a selection of concepts for the client’s selection, time may also be influenced by the clients decision making time.
  • How many different designs, or versions of a design are required?
    Is the project a single design, or does it include several elements and full branding across them all. It is impossible to quote design time frames without a brief, however some average times for designs are set out below, these are not to be taken as as quote for a project rather a point of reference;
    -Poster 2-14 days (not including conceptualisation)
    -Logo 7-21 days (not including conceptualisation)
    -Flyer 2-7 days (not including conceptualisation)
    - Business Card 2-7 days (not including conceptualisation)
  • How much text is required to fit within the design?
    The amount of text may impact time frames by increasing the amount of formatting and proofreading required.
  • How many changes or alterations are requested by the client?
    Changes to proofs and/or more time spent in the drafting or conceptualisation phase, at the client’s request, while acceptable, will undoubtedly incur additional time and cost.
  • Are there requirements for continuous updates to the design(s)?
    If the project becomes ongoing after the fact, each time it is changed is generally looked at as a new job and will be billed as such. However if J&S are made aware the designs need to change regularly and incorporated it into the initial brief, provisions can be made to ensure the design’s flexibility. The process of making a design more flexible for future updates may increase the time taken to create the original design template.
  • Are there time consuming tools like rendering and modeling to be used?
    This one is simply a matter of processing, some programs take days to process final copies, if your design requires one of these tools, there is nothing to do but wait.
  • Amount of Proofing, Prep and Print organisation to be done?
    Again, the amount of designs to be undertaken are an influence on how long the PPP of designs will take. Each design will need to be double checked, prepped for printing and transferred to a printer for printing. For example, in the case of a 24 page book/magazine every page would need to be proofed by us and also by the client after which there may be several changes and would need to be proofed again. Print prep for a project this size may also take longer depending on the requirements of the Commercial Printer.
Why do I need a brand?

Your brand is comprised from a series of perceptions, graphics and imagery that represent your business, product/s or service/s. You shouldn’t view your branding as limited to logos, tag lines or sound-bites, rather your brand is the essence and promise of what your target audience will experience in the delivery of your business/product/service.

Another key factor to branding is enabling a buyer to easily identify you; Who you are, what you are offering, and the reason they should choose you. While you may have a clear idea of what you would like your brand to be, as your business develops your brand should evolve along with it. This is why brands are generally developed over time through:

  • Professional advice
  • Consistent advertising
  • Feedback and recommendations
  • Business and client relations
  • Experience
Once developed, your brand provides an encompassing reach inclusive of many the different products and/or services being offered, this is a huge advantage in generating awareness of your business and its offerings in the marketplace.

Why should I use a graphic designer?
Setting up and running a business can get a little crazy, and trying to research and create advertising materials at the same time may not be the most time/cost effective way or even produce the best results. A graphic designer is there to help you in a time when you aren’t sure about your stylistic direction, or, when you simply have no idea where to start. If you are sure about what you want, a designer is there to help create your vision and provide you with the best possible result. A good designer is looking out for you and your business by putting in the effort to ensure your designs reach their fullest potential.
Is advertising really that important?
Short answer, yes!
Advertising is essential, how will anybody know who you are, what you do and where to find you without it?
There are many different styles and avenues for advertising, and finding the right fit for your business is the first step in establishing a connection to a clientele/consumer base that is genuinely interested in your products and/or services.
How long does printing take?
The printing process may vary depending on the type of printer and printing needed, as well as the amount of printing to be done. Generally a 2-5 week lead time is recommended depending on the above variants and shipping times.
What is print prep/set-up?
The print preparation process must be carried out before the designer or client sends the design off for printing. The process includes file preparation, proof-reading, colour processing, configuring the allowance of bleed, the addition of crop marks for cutting, and file exporting to a transferable format before finally transferring it to the printer.